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Learning is beyond what is presented physically. There is no, one fit all approach. To educate is to be knowledgeable (but not more knowledgeable), to be adaptable, to use humor, and most of all, it is to have fun!

Hi, I am Meerra! I am a Masters in Educational Psychology Graduate. Beside repeating that to people, I also carry out lectures on Psychology. Here you will find many A Level Psychology related materials for your perusal. Enjoy! Do drop a comment or a feedback, I really like those. I am reachable on my socials or you can email me at meerrapm@gmail.com šŸ™‚

Looking for something else? Check out my Medium account for writings on my current job as an Account Manager for a Customer Relationship Manager software company.

How about something more creative? Check out my photography in my Instagram or my porfolio!

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Major Achievements (as a lecturer)!

Yielded an 90% A results in the Cambridge International AS Level (CAL) examination, and achieved Cambridge A Level Top in the World for Psychology! My secret? Shhhhh.. It’s a secret.

Developed my own research evaluation format to ease conversion of details from published journals to simpliļ¬ed bite sized content. Check out the templates page for downloadable resources of these!

Designed a step-by-step essay guide for the Western Australian Certiļ¬cate of Education (WACE) Psychology exam extended response section which resulted in more than 50% improved performance.

Gained a consecutive score of more than 90% on the lecturerā€™s evaluation report every semester. I still haven’t paid my students for this. I am kidding! or am I?Ā 

Some statement pieces made by my efforts

Received the Postgraduate Academic Excellence Award and the Best Student Award from my Alma mater, Universiti Teknologi Malaysia.

Has an Advanced Certificate in Teaching Drama & Speech from Nanyang Academy of Fine Arts (NAFA), Singapore

Won the Gold medal award for a product named: The Ticker Flow Kit (Copyright: LY2017003172)